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Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod
Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod

Dreampod V-MAX Float Pod

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    Why Buy From Luxury Living Essentials

    The V-Max has all the floating goodness of its peers in a much bigger package. The V-MAX is our answer for people that want to offer couple floats in their wellness or float center, gym, or spa, and to cater to individuals with larger body mass like athletes, people with mobility issues, and anyone that may  appreciate that extra space.The commercial Dreampod VMAX makes  running your float center, wellness centre, gym or spa smooth and profitable. 

    The Dreampod Vmax exterior is crafted using the best quality fiberglass and plastics, and polished to the shiniest finish. It’s amazingly smooth, and shiny surface is easy to clean and maintain. With a solid foam core embedded in the structure, the Dreampod Vmax ensures maximum sound proofing and heat retention, allowing for a more comfortable float, as well as a lower electricity bill.

    The door is designed to be robust, but very easy to operate. We use the highest quality gas springs to ensure the door opens and closes beautifully. The Door handle is a single piece die-cast of aluminum make, and is nearly impossible to break.

    On the inside, you will find the same polished coating as on the outside. A carefully hidden passive air circulation system will provide a superb floating experience, without compromising on temperature retention, or sound proofing. For added safety, the floor has an added anti-slip surface.

    The Dreampod Vmax is built with extremely high quality and reliability in mind. All it’s critical components are imported from the U.S or Europe and hold certifications proving it’s quality from standard certification bodies.

    The pump for this model is a high quality powerful magnetic drive shaft pump. We used a larger version motor to keep cleaning time between floats to a minimum.. It is made out of anti-corrosive materials and relatively silent during operation. 

    Below are just a few features of the VMAX Dreampod: 

    Easy to use wired control panel and management software for day to day operations. 

    Auto Mode for:

    • The Accurate, dual-dosing, chemical dispenser for easy water maintenance.
    • The UV light integrated into the filtration system

    After plug and play, fire and forget it-- the V2 Float pod works automatically to keep the solution at a preset temperature as well as the water sparkling clean by automatic 10 micron filter filtration and dosing of required chemicals (H202).

    The main filter device is a custom built stainless steel enclosure holding a replaceable 10 micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survives the extreme salt content of the water. The Dreampod Vmax is the first to feature a dual chemical injection system, allowing you to use a combination of any 2 chemical disinfectants that you wish to use.

    The Filtration System works automatically without additional user intervention

    The V2 Dreampod requires little to no maintenance.

    Management Software and Controls:

    Operate your float tank from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Macintosh Computer, simply via your Web Browser. It doesn’t get better.

    • Session Manager: The Session Manager allows customization of session start and stop times, session durations, music to be played, and after session cleaning cycles.
    • Control the Dreampod’s Filtration System, UV Light, Water Heater and chem. Drips. Choose the Device, your Duration and hit ‘Go’.
    • E lectrical leakage protection (GFC) on the inside and outside of the electrical box + Leakage Sensor with SMS: Should the unfortunate happen and water exit the Dreampod, a floor sensor (optional) will be activated and alert your by SMS to a phone number of your choice.
    • Performance Monitoring: The Performance monitor reports on sessions per day, week, month as well as pump and heater usages and idle times. This will help you maximize its performance.
    • Our System Watchdog (optional) keeps an eye on things like water temperature and idle patterns and can alert our service technicians if issues arise.

     Crystal clear underwater speakers built into the pod for subtle vibration and relaxation. Upload your own music and manage Playlists!

    A soothing LED light inside the tank for the perfect vibe

    Multi color lighting creates beautiful effects and will make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable while taking your bath.

    An anti-slip surface on the floor of the pod.

    A high efficiency in-line titanium heater  with 2000W+ and excellent safety properties.



    Recommendations for room design and requirements for operations

    Room design and setup is crucial in providing an ideal space for floating. You want the room to be welcoming and comfortable but also functional and easy to clean. We’ll cover some specifics needed for the Dreampod itself, as well as some best practices and recommendations.

    First off, we designed the V-Max to break down into 3 different parts; the base, lid, and back piece. This makes moving it into place much easier. The base is the largest piece and measures 8ft. 6 in. longand 2 ft. tall.

    The minimum room size we recommend is10 ft. x 14 ft. and a ceiling height of at least 7 ft.This will allow enough space for the pod and engine box as well as enough clearance for the lid of the pod to open completely. We also recommend having a shower for clients in the room. This will be used before and after each float. Lastly, a small seating/changing area as well.

    There will need to be a minimum of 2 ft.clearance behind the pod. This will allow enough space for all the connections between the pod and engine box to be made.

    These are two of the most important things needed for the pods operation.

    •  220 V/60hz single phase power outlet set up on it’s own individual 15 amp GFCI breaker
    • A dedicated CAT 5 port/jack connected to the main network router for the business


    The internal and external mind-body-spirit benefits of zero-gravity, magnesium, sensory deprivation float experiences are incredible and endless. See more here. 

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